Live Scan

As an authorized reseller for Identification International Inc., AD&S offers the digID Mini live scan device for inkless fingerprint capturing.

The digID is a high resolution, FBI certified ten-print fingerprint scanner. With zero moving parts, a rugged polymer case, powered off a single USB cable, weighing 3.6 pounds and measuring only 4.75” x 5.9” x 6.0”, the Mini is built for mobility. It’s the lightest live scan in the industry.

No buttons, or foot pedals are used to operate this live scan. The unique auto capture system makes the digID Mini easy to operate. LED lights on the face of the scanner guide operators through each step of the fingerprinting process. The digID Mini and FingerPro ID software will deliver the fingerprint results you need.

digID Mini

digID mini

The digID Mini Features:

Weight – 3.6 lbs / 1.63 kg

Size – 4.75 x 5.9 x 6.0 inches / 12.1 x 15.0 x 15.2 cm

Ergonomic, heavy-duty handle for easy carrying and mobile deployment

LED indicators for power and status

Auto capture feedback through LED lights indicating image capture and quality

Standard USB 2.0 interface for control, power, and data transmission (high speed 480 Mbits/s)

Four hole mounting plate for security

digID Mini Specifications:

FBI certified for both Type 14 civil flats and Type 4 criminal ten-print rolls and flats

Complies with NIST (National Institute of Standard & Technology) EFTS 7.0 & EBTS

Sealed PC/ABS polymer case for superb performance

Single piece prism and imager with uniform capture area

500 dpi resolution

Light source – proprietary low energy green light source

Power (max) 1.9w, current – 500mA (via USB connection)

Operating voltage – 5.0 VDC

RoHS compliant

Operating temperature range, 14 degrees F to 120 degrees F

FCC, UL and CE certified

USB 2.0 cable